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What is ooma?

Ooma provides free and low cost home and business phone service using high-speed Internet to provide advanced features and connected services never before possible.

Ooma is a VOIP home phone system where you just pay up front for the VOIP phone hardware and stop paying service fees forever (you can always purchase additional premium features from ooma). You will still need to pay regulatory taxes and fees imposed by the government however, but those are minuscule compared to traditional land line service. Don’t forget to apply the Ooma promo code link to receive your $20 amazon gift card: https://refer.invite.oomamarketing.com/x/4Joi01

Why use Ooma?

Ooma is incredibly inexpensive. Ive used ooma for the past 10 years and it has paid for itself many times over. I actually purchased the ooma core system when they advertised no fees ever. Ive since been paying nothing for my home phone service since (ooma has since discontinued the ooma core system).

Voice quality is better than traditional land line audio quality as long as im not downloading movies or large files at the same time. If I am doing that, it tends to stutter a tiny but, but not terribly bad. This can be mitigated by connecting the ooma system before the home router so it can act as a QOS gateway and always provide quality voice service despite the bandwidth being used (as it automatically adjusts the bandwidth for its needs).

It has advanced calling features. Ooma provides a basic set of features which is far better than any traditional land line service. Easily accessible call logs, voice mail, text message notifications for voicemail. Its great. If you need extended features such as blacklisting certain phone numbers, that can be added as well under their premium plan. Its totally optional however.

Dont forget to apply the Ooma promo code link to receive your $20 amazon gift card: https://refer.invite.oomamarketing.com/x/4Joi01

Fun facts:

  • Ooma has free US calling to any number within the USA (except 900 numbers and phone chat services)
  • You can use your current phone number with ooma (optional)
  • You dont need a computer to use the phone service
  • Ooma supports the E911 service
  • There is a 5000 minute per month limit although this will be judged on a case by case basis
  • Extremely low cost international fees

Theres no real reason to not use VOIP for phone service as doing so will reduce your monthly costs, increase your phone service flexibility and availablity, and your phone service can be managed online. There really is no real reason to not ditch the traditional land line.

Receive a $20 amazon gift card by clicking ooma promo code link: https://refer.invite.oomamarketing.com/x/4Joi01