Eaze Promo Code – Use code ICFSJYN for $20 off

Eaze Promo Code for $20 off your first order with

use code ICFSJYN to get $20 your first order with Eaze!

Or click the following link: https://eaze.com/share/l/icfsjyn

What is Eaze?

Simply put, Eaze is Cannabis delivered. If you live in the SF Bay area its even delivered to you with on-demand services which means from order to door in about 20-30 minutes! Eaze works with local cannabis entrepreneurs and provides an online marketplace for buyer and seller to do business with in a way that is safe, affordable, and extremely convenient.

Besides California where eaze offers on-demand services, Eaze ships hemp-derived CBD products to 41 states and the District of Columbia

How do I apply the Eaze promo code to get $20 off my first order?

To receive your $20 off credit on your first order, you simply add the desired items you want delivered to your door by adding them to your shopping cart, (then apply Eaze promo code ICFSJYN to the cart). Read on to see the specific steps on how to do so.

Get to your Eaze shopping cart to find the Apply promo link

At the bottom of the shopping cart, click the “Apply Promo” option to bring up a prompt asking you to enter in your promo code.

Enter in the Eaze promo code ICFSJYN in the form prompt and click on the “Apply” button to apply the Eaze promo code to your cart. Thats it! Your $20 Eaze promotional credit has now been added to your cart and you can continue to checkout and purchase your Eaze items.

What does on-demand look like in California?

Because of state regulations, Eaze Wellness shipping is not available to California customers. However, those customers inside one of our Eaze delivery zones can still find a wide variety of cannabis products on Eaze.com.

To find out exactly where Eaze delivers using on-demand services, visit: https://www.eaze.com/where-eaze-delivers

What Hemp derived products does Eaze offer?

Eaze legally ships CBD almost anywhere in the U.S. from a robust, carefully curated menu of national CBD brands, with detailed descriptions and access to education about CBD’s many uses. Consumers shopping on the Eaze Wellness platform are already ahead of the curve in learning about the powerful cannabinoid that has a wide array of health benefits, but doesn’t get you high.

Eaze brand and product experts only source products from trusted partners; if they’re not legal, licensed and thoroughly tested, they’re not on Eaze. Plant People, Cannuka, BeTrū Wellness, Vital Leaf, and many more trusted CBD brands will be featured on the constantly updated Eaze Wellness menu. Every product possesses a certificate of analysis to ensure it’s been tested.

Does Eaze have a mobile app?

Yes, but upon installing the Eaze app, the mobile application will check to make sure you live in California, if you do then great! The app will then continue on its way and you can shop on the mobile app just like you would on the Eaze web site. If however you don’t live in California, the app may have some limitations.

Adding the Eaze promo code to your mobile app cart.

However, you may still apply the Eaze promo code to your mobile app after adding items into your cart. Just click the ADD PROMO link under the items in your shopping cart and add Eaze Promo code ICFSJYN to your order for $20 off! 

How legal is it to use the Eaze service?

Eaze Wellness customers see their products shipped within 4-6 business days via a third-party provider (shipping is not currently available in Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington or California). All Eaze Wellness products are legal to purchase and ship in the U.S. because they are derived from cannabis plants classified as hemp, meaning they contain less than .3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.