Square cash referral code – Use code for $10 free!

Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK for $10 free (use during signup)!

Get $10 free for trying out Square Cash by using Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK!

Square cash has since lowered their referral reward to $5 down from $10.

I actually like it better than using paypal to pay off friends and relatives. In fact, I prefer it because of the $Cashtag option which allows me to receive cash just by telling people my $cashtag instead of my phone number or email.

How to apply the Square cash referral code

Sign up to Square Cash and receive $10 just by entering Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during signup! It just may be the fastest $10 you will ever earn. Use it to pay your friend for coffee, treat a friend to pizza, or pay back someone for running into their fence! Square Cash is Fast, easy, and free to use! If you receive money from friends using Square Cash, it deposits right into your debit account. No need to have it held in a separate account like paypal!

To receive $10 free, just use Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during signup.

Square Cash for Android and IOS

Squarecash is available for the Android and IOS platforms. All one needs to do is download the application from the respective App stores (Google Play for Android, or App store for IOS). Once installed, open the app, and sign up (don’t forget to use Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during signup for the $10)! You’ll need to enter in a phone number for confirmation (it sends a password which you use to log in). Its secure, free to use, and very quick and simple. No extra bells and whistles, it allows for easily and quickly sending and receiving cash to friends, family, co-workers, and relatives. I used to use paypal until I found Squarecash, and recommend Squarecash to all of my friends now.

Download the cash app from the IOS store

Download the cash app from the IOS store

Download the cash app from the Google play store

Download the cash app from the Google play store

Use Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during the signup process to receive $10 free!

Use Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during the signup process to receive $10 free!

Why Square cash?

Square Cash is fast.
Most payments deposit within seconds to your bank.

Square Cash is easy.
Use it with anyone, even if they don’t have an account.

Square Cash is free.
Send money to friends and family at no cost.

Square Cash’s biggest benefit: The service doesn’t require the people who are paying you back to sign up for an account.

Want a Cashtag?

Want a Cashtag you can post anywhere that people can send money to without knowing anything else about you? Once you’ve installed the Cash app, you’re ready to start receiving payments (and refer other people to start receiving $10 for yourself!). Share your $Cashtag to get paid fast. All you need to do is choose a $Cashtag and share a link to your free cash.me profile to get paid by a friend or family member in a snap. Remember though, you’ll need an account to start receiving money.

Interested in using Square Cash for a Business Account?

Square Cash lets you request payments for goods and services at the low price of 1.9% per transaction. That’s it. It’s cheap for your business, and easy for your customers.

Want to learn more about Square cash?

Want to learn more about Square Cash? Head over to their website at https://cash.me/

But dont forget to enter the Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during signup or you wont receive the $10 bonus!

Is using the Square Cash App secure? How does it compare to paypal, venmo, or other payment apps?

Square Cash bring ease to sending money. It goes straight into your linked account and doesnt need intervention in order to have it deposited. Its like accepting money straight into your checking account (etc)! But just because its easy to send and accept money, it doesn’t mean that its unsafe. In fact, square cash implements the very best in mobile app security and payment protection.

  • Security locks.
  • Optional Touch ID verification or CVV entry protects payments.
  • Encrypted data.
  • PCI-DSS level 1 certification means we always protect your data.
  • Account notifications.
  • Get instant push, email or text notifications for account usage.
  • Fraud protection.
  • We’ll help protect you from unauthorized charges to your card.

And although not really a security measure,

  • Millions already trust Square.

Since the beginning of Square in 2009, Square has provided payment solutions for millions of businesses and people all across the country and processes billions of dollars worth of funds in a single month! In comparison to other apps and mobile payment processors, they are right up among them.

Give Square cash a try and get $10 bonus just by using Square Cash referral code HPBTVFK during signup! Whats not to like about free $10 bonuses!?

It pays to invite others!

It also pays to invite others to use the Squarecash app. If you spend $50 after you have already applied the Square cash invite code, you’ll get $10 credited to your own account! There’s really no reason to not invite others to use your Square cash invite code!